SAS Event Stream Processing

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FDP-Shaping a Data Science Curriculum: Data Management, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
This FDP supports developing a data science program that covers a variety of topics and enables students to acquire the skills that industry is looking for their employees to have. The FDP helps universities develop a pool of talent with the range of analytical and technology skills to work in a data-rich business environment.

1 Beginner Live Web Classroom
Основы работы с SAS Event Stream Processing
Цели и задачи курсаДанный курс предназначен для аналитиков и ИТ-специалистов, которым требуется обрабатывать и анализировать потоковые данные. Использование SAS Event Stream Processing позволяет создавать высокопроизводительные приложения для непрерывной обработки и анализа в реальном времени потоковых данных.

1 Beginner Classroom Live Web Classroom
Additional SAS Data Management Tools and Applications
This is the fourth course in the Data Curation Professional, SAS Academy for Data Science program. The program is required to earn your SAS data science certification. Designed for SAS data scientists, this program covers SAS topics for data curation techniques, including big data preparation with Hadoop. In this course, you learn to use additional SAS Data Management technologies to access, manage, and govern your data.

2 Fundamental Live Web Classroom e-Learning
Advanced Analytics for IoT Using SAS Event Stream Processing
This course teaches you how to apply advanced analytics techniques to IoT processes. The course addresses analysis of data at rest as well as streaming data. By using the SAS Viya environment with SAS Event Stream Processing, you learn how to deploy your own deep learning models to streaming data.

The self-study e-learning includes:

  • Annotatable course notes in PDF format.
  • Virtual lab time to practice.

3 Intermediate Live Web Classroom