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SAS Enterprise Guide 1: Querying and Reporting
本課程特別適合無SAS程式撰寫經驗,但又有從不同資料來源存取、整理、彙整資料並製作圖表的需求之使用者。本課程將以拖拉點選方式整理資料並產製報表。若完成本課程後須了解更多SAS Enterprise Guide的資料整理功能,建議後續可學習SAS Enterprise Guide 2: Advanced Tasks and Querying課程,或者須了解更多SAS Enterprise Guide的統計功能,建議後續可學習SAS Enterprise Guide: ANOVA, Regression, and Logistic Regression課程。

1 Beginner Classroom Live Web Classroom e-Learning
SAS Enterprise Guide 8: What's New
SAS Enterprise Guide 8 was released in June 2019. SAS Enterprise Guide 8 has been redesigned to include a modern and flexible user interface with tab-based organization of content and flexible window management. With this release of SAS Enterprise Guide, you can find new functionalities.

1 Beginner Live Web Classroom
SAS Enterprise Guide: Fast Track
This course is for users who do not have SAS programming experience but need to access, manage, and summarize data from different sources, and present results in reports and graphs. This course focuses on using the menu-driven tasks in SAS Enterprise Guide, the point-and-click interface to SAS, to create queries and reports. It does not address writing SAS code or statistical concepts. This course is the SAS Enterprise Guide 1 course complemented with topics from the SAS Enterprise Guide 2 course, like grouping, filtering, using SAS Functions. It also serves as a prerequisite for the SAS Enterprise Guide: ANOVA, Regression, and Logistic Regression course, which teaches statistical concepts using SAS Enterprise Guide.

1 Beginner Live Web Classroom
Introduction to Statistical Concepts Free e-learning
This course covers basic statistical concepts that are critical for understanding and using statistical methods. This course explains what statistics is and why it is important to understand the characteristics of your data.

The information in this course is a prerequisite for many other statistical courses that SAS Education offers. The course is appropriate for Base SAS and SAS Enterprise Guide users. Data, practices, and a case study are included.

1 Beginner e-Learning
SAS Enterprise Guide: Querying , Reporting, and Advanced Tasks
本課程特別適合無SAS程式撰寫經驗,但又有從不同資料來源存取、整理、彙整資料並製作圖表的需求之使用者。課程中將使用SAS Enterprise Guide視窗化操作介面,以拖拉點選方式整理資料並產製報表。若完成本課程後須了解更多SAS Enterprise Guide的統計功能,建議後續可學習SAS Enterprise Guide: ANO-VA, Regression, and Lo-gistic Regression課程。

2 Fundamental Classroom
Creating Reports and Graphs with SAS Enterprise Guide
This course is intended for experienced SAS Enterprise Guide users who want to create customized reports and graphs. You learn how to use point-and-click tasks and wizards in SAS Enterprise Guide to generate and customize bar charts, summary tabular reports, histograms, box plots, map charts, scatter plots, and line plots. You also learn how to modify the task-generated SAS code to enhance these reports and graphs.

2 Fundamental Live Web Classroom e-Learning
SAS Enterprise Guide 2: Advanced Tasks and Querying
本課程專為已有SAS Enterprise Guide使用經驗,且想學習更進階的SAS Enterprise Guide功能之使用者設計。

2 Fundamental Classroom Live Web Classroom e-Learning
Leveraging the Power of the Quality Knowledge Base (QKB) in SAS Technology Components
This course assists SAS users with accessing the components of the Quality Knowledge Base (QKB) from within a variety of SAS technology components.

The self-study e-learning includes:

  • Annotatable course notes in PDF format.
  • Virtual Lab time to practice.

3 Intermediate e-Learning
SAS Federation Server: Accessing and Virtualizing Enterprise Data
SAS Federation Server makes it easier for business users to access secure data for reporting and analysis. It provides a virtual layer or view, giving users the appropriate level of control without physically moving data. This frees up IT staff to focus on other tasks by giving them a simple method of sharing data using a centralized, governed security layer.

3 Intermediate e-Learning
SAS Enterprise Guide for Experienced SAS Programmers
This course introduces experienced SAS programmers to SAS Enterprise Guide. SAS Enterprise Guide is an interface that enables users to write and submit code, as well as to use point-and-click tasks to generate queries, reports, and graphics.

The e-learning includes practice data and exercises.

3 Intermediate Live Web Classroom e-Learning
SAS Enterprise Guide: ANOVA, Regression, and Logistic Regression
本課程內容包含許多統計分析方法介紹,以及如何使用SAS Enterprise Guide執行這些統計分析,主題包括推論性統計介紹、變異數分析、多元迴歸、類別資料分析和邏輯斯迴歸 。

3 Intermediate Classroom Live Web Classroom e-Learning
Administering SAS Office Analytics and SAS Enterprise Guide
本課程帶領你學習如何在SAS Office Analytics 平台上管理伺服器、使用者、資料館以及SAS 功能選單。課程包含Enterprise Guide 與Add-Infor Microsoft Office 的管理。

3 Intermediate Classroom Live Web Classroom e-Learning
Programming for SAS Viya New
This course is for users who need to modify existing Base SAS programs that will execute in SAS Viya. This course leverages the power of SAS Cloud Analytic Services (CAS) to access, manage, and manipulate in-memory tables. This course is not intended for beginning SAS software users.

3 Intermediate Classroom Live Web Classroom e-Learning