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SAS Enterprise Guide 1: Querying and Reporting

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Applying Survival Analysis to Business Time-to-Event Problems Business Knowledge Series
This course introduces survival analysis in the context of business data mining. The focus is on understanding customer behaviors that have a time-to-event component using SAS Enterprise Guide.

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SAS Enterprise Guide: Fast Track
This course is for users who do not have SAS programming experience but need to access, manage, and summarize data from different sources, and present results in reports and graphs. This course focuses on using the menu-driven tasks in SAS Enterprise Guide, the point-and-click interface to SAS, to create queries and reports. It does not address writing SAS code or statistical concepts. This course is the SAS Enterprise Guide 1 course complemented with topics from the SAS Enterprise Guide 2 course, like grouping, filtering, using SAS Functions. It also serves as a prerequisite for the SAS Enterprise Guide: ANOVA, Regression, and Logistic Regression course, which teaches statistical concepts using SAS Enterprise Guide.

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Using SAS OLAP Cubes to Create Multidimensional Reports
This course is designed for users who want to analyze the business information that is stored in a SAS OLAP cube. The course provides opportunities to practice in a simulated SAS environment.

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Introduction to Statistical Concepts Free e-learning
This course covers basic statistical concepts that are critical for understanding and using statistical methods. This course explains what statistics is and why it is important to understand the characteristics of your data.

The information in this course is a prerequisite for many other statistical courses that SAS Education offers. The course is appropriate for Base SAS and SAS Enterprise Guide users. Data, practices, and a case study are included.

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Creating Reports and Graphs with SAS Enterprise Guide
This course is intended for experienced SAS Enterprise Guide users who want to create customized reports and graphs. You learn how to use point-and-click tasks and wizards in SAS Enterprise Guide to generate detail and summary reports. You also learn how to enhance reports by using task options and modifying the generated SAS code. In addition, the course illustrates how to create and customize bar charts, map charts, histograms, box plots, scatter plots, line plots, and bar-line charts using SAS Enterprise Guide tasks and wizards.

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SAS Enterprise Guide 2: Advanced Tasks and Querying
This course is intended for experienced SAS Enterprise Guide users who want to learn more about advanced SAS Enterprise Guide techniques. It focuses on using the Query Builder within SAS Enterprise Guide, including manipulating character, numeric, and date values; converting variable type; and building conditional expressions using the Expression Builder. This course also addresses efficiency issues, such as joining tables and using a single query to group, summarize, and filter data.

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Administración de SAS Office Analytics y SAS Enterprise Guide
Este curso le enseña cómo administrar servidores, usuarios, librerías y las opciones de SAS utilizando SAS Office Analytics, que incluye SAS Enterprise Guide y SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office.

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Leveraging the Power of the Quality Knowledge Base (QKB) in SAS Technology Components
This course assists SAS users with accessing the components of the Quality Knowledge Base (QKB) from within a variety of SAS technology components.

The self-study e-learning includes:

  • Annotatable course notes in PDF format.
  • Virtual Lab time to practice.

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SAS Enterprise Guide for Experienced SAS Programmers
This course introduces experienced SAS programmers to SAS Enterprise Guide. SAS Enterprise Guide is an interface that enables users to write and submit code, as well as to use point-and-click tasks to generate queries, reports, and graphics.

e-Learning includes practice data and exercises.

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SAS Federation Server: Accessing and Virtualizing Enterprise Data New
SAS Federation Server makes it easier for business users to access secure data for reporting and analysis. It provides a virtual layer or view, giving users the appropriate level of control without physically moving data. This frees up IT staff to focus on other tasks by giving them a simple method of sharing data using a centralized, governed security layer.

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SAS Enterprise Guide: ANOVA, Regression, and Logistic Regression
This course is designed for SAS Enterprise Guide users who want to perform statistical analyses. The course is written for SAS Enterprise Guide 8 along with SAS 9.4, but students with previous SAS Enterprise Guide versions will also get value from this course. An e-learning course is also available for earlier versions.

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