SAS Data Quality Solution

Title Level Training Formats
SAS Data Integration Studio: Fast Track
This course is in a boot-camp format. It includes the content of both SAS Data Ingegration Studio: Essentials and SAS Data Integration Studio: Additional Topics. It introduces and expands the knowledge of SAS Data Integration Studio and contains topics about registering sources and targets; creating and working with jobs; and working with transformations. This course also provides information about working with slowly changing dimensions, working with the Loop transformations, and defining new transformations.

The self-study version of this course contains structured course notes that provide a detailed overview and exercises that help you develop essential skills. There is also a Virtual Lab that enables you to practice what you learn in the course.

The e-learning version includes the following:

  • digital course notes for self-study
  • Virtual Lab: 50 hours of hands-on software practice

4 Expert Classroom Live Web Classroom e-Learning
SAS Event Stream Processing
This course is for data stewards, data analysts, and data scientists who need to analyze and transform high-velocity data streams while still in motion, before it is stored. In a world of IoT (Internet of Things) organizations can build SAS Event Stream Processing applications that ingest high-volume and high-velocity data streams, analyze and respond in real time, and store only relevant data elements.

3 Intermediate Classroom e-Learning