SAS Data Integration Studio

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Leveraging the Power of the Quality Knowledge Base (QKB) in SAS Technology Components
This course assists SAS users with accessing the components of the Quality Knowledge Base (QKB) from within a variety of SAS technology components.

The self-study e-learning includes:

  • Annotatable course notes in PDF format.
  • Virtual Lab time to practice.

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SAS Federation Server: Accessing and Virtualizing Enterprise Data New
SAS Federation Server makes it easier for business users to access secure data for reporting and analysis. It provides a virtual layer or view, giving users the appropriate level of control without physically moving data. This frees up IT staff to focus on other tasks by giving them a simple method of sharing data using a centralized, governed security layer.

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Hadoop Data Management with Hive, Pig, and SAS
In this course, you use processing methods to prepare structured and unstructured big data for analysis. You learn to organize this data into structured tabular form using Apache Hive and Apache Pig. You also learn SAS software technology and techniques that integrate with Hive and Pig and how to leverage these open source capabilities by programming with Base SAS and SAS/ACCESS Interface to Hadoop, and with SAS Data Integration Studio.

The Extended Learning page for this course includes the option to purchase Virtual Lab time to practice.

The e-learning format of this course also includes the option to purchase Virtual Lab time to practice.

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SAS Data Integration Studio: Fast Track
Este treinamento de 5 dias cobre os conteúdos de dois cursos: SAS® Data Integration Studio: Essentials e SAS® Data Integration Studio: Additional Topics. Esse curso introduz e expande o conhecimento do SAS Data Integration Studio e inclui tópicos para registrar origens e alvos; criar e trabalhar com jobs, e trabalhar com transformações. Este curso também apresenta informações sobre trabalhar com dimensões de mudanças lentamente; trabalhar com o Loop transformations e definir novas transformações.

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