SAS Business Rules Manager

Title Level Training Formats
SAS Regulatory Content for IFRS17: Solution Overview New
This course addresses the insurance regulation IFRS17 and the SAS components needed to complete the demands of the regulation. The course covers the IFRS17 regulation in theory and in practice by addressing each component.

3 Intermediate Classroom Live Web Classroom
SAS Expected Credit Loss for CECL: Using the Solution
This course prepares data, credit, and financial analysts to use each of the component of SAS Expected Credit Loss, understand the results that each component produces, and apply updates as required. Participants prepare to engage in testing activities and sign off on milestones during the test and deploy phases of the implementation. They also prepare to complete the task steps in the CECL monthly production process to generate the required output.

3 Intermediate e-Learning
SAS Business Rules Manager: Applications for Risk Solutions
This video-based course is part of integrated training to support the implementation and use of SAS Business Rules Manager to meet regulatory challenges. The videos present information about the software and include demonstrations of how to register data, create rule sets, and test and publish rule flows.

3 Intermediate e-Learning