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SAS Business Rules Manager

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IFRS17 Enablement: Train the Trainer
This training will prepare future trainers to conduct training courses for customers and partners. You will learn everything about the solution and how this knowledge is delivered through training.

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SAS® Expected Credit Loss Workshop V06: Loading ECL Data
This course prepares the data analyst to use each of the components of SAS Expected Credit Loss and to test the results that it produces. Participants should be prepared to engage in testing activities and sign off on milestones during the test and deploy phases of the implementation, as well as be prepared to complete the task steps in the CECL monthly production process to generate the required output. This workshop can be delivered separately or in conjunction with two related workshops: SAS® Expected Credit Loss Workshop: Implementing ECL Models and SAS® Expected Credit Loss Workshop: Reviewing and Adjusting ECL Output. Contact a SAS Education Sales representative to determine which approach would be best for you.

3 Für Fortgeschrittene Classroom