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SAS®認定プロフェッショナル SAS Base Programmer for SAS®9 ポイント解説講座
本コースは、SAS Base Programming for SAS 9で必要な大部分のトピックの復習を行います。
また、本コースには受験チケット(バウチャー; 21,000円(税抜)相当)が含まれます。

0 No level Live Web Classroom e-Learning
Processing Database and PC File Data with SAS/ACCESS Software
This course teaches you how to process data using SAS/ACCESS software. Databases and PC files covered in this course are Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Oracle, DB2, Teradata, and Microsoft SQL Server via ODBC. Also included is a brief discussion about Hadoop, JMP, dBase, STATA, SPSS, and R.

3 Intermediate Live Web Classroom
SAS SQL Methods and More
This class teaches you how to improve the performance of SQL queries, and how to troubleshoot and tune other SAS processes that access relational database tables using SAS/ACCESS interfaces.

3 Intermediate Live Web Classroom
Introduction to SAS/ACCESS Interface to Teradata
This course teaches you how to read Teradata tables in Teradata using the SAS 9.4 SAS/ACCESS Interface to Teradata. You learn how to connect to Teradata and to query a single Teradata table and multiple Teradata tables. You also learn efficiency techniques and options for optimizing data access performance.

3 Intermediate Live Web Classroom e-Learning