SAS Fraud Management

Title Level Training Formats
SAS Fraud Management Overview
This course provides students with an introduction to SAS Fraud Management and a high-level overview of the solution. Students are specifically trained to act as fraud analysts. They are enabled to use the SAS Fraud Management user interface to service alerts and perform additional analyst tasks.

2 Fundamental Live Web Classroom e-Learning
SAS Fraud Management: Using SAS Rules Studio
This course provides an introduction to SAS Rules Studio, a component of SAS Fraud Management. You learn how to write rule code and test its effectiveness.

1 Beginner e-Learning
SAS Fraud Management: Using Manager's Workbench
This course is for managers and system administrators who will govern the use of SAS Fraud Management. The course provides information about how to configure the solution to meet the needs of the business. It also teaches users how to perform administrative tasks that managers and system administrators will perform.

1 Beginner e-Learning