SAS® Data Science

SAS Data Science consists of two software orders that are independent of one another. The first is for SAS Data Science itself. SAS Data Science is made up of the programming capabilities of the following SAS software:

  • SAS Visual Analytics (on SAS Viya)

  • SAS Visual Statistics (on SAS Viya)

  • SAS Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning

  • SAS Visual Text Analytics

  • SAS/CONNECT (on SAS Viya)

  • SAS Data Quality (Linux only)

  • SAS In-Database Technologies for Hadoop (on SAS Viya) (Linux only)

  • SAS In-Database Technologies for Teradata (on SAS Viya) (Linux only)

  • SAS Econometrics (Linux only)

  • SAS Optimization (Linux only)

  • SAS/IML (on SAS Viya) (Linux only)

  • SAS/QC (on SAS Viya) (Linux only)

  • SAS Visual Forecasting (Linux only)

This first order can only be deployed using the programming-only deployment type. For instructions for deploying this order, see the appropriate SAS Viya: Deployment Guide (Linux or Windows), located at

The second order contains SAS Embedded Process for Hadoop and SAS Embedded Process for Teradata on Linux. You should only deploy this order if you are using SAS In-Database Technologies for Hadoop or SAS In-Database Technologies for Teradata. For instructions about deploying this order, see SAS Embedded Process: Deployment Guide.