SAS® Visual Analytics Apps

SAS® Mobile BI was renamed SAS® Visual Analytics Apps.


  • The SAS SDK lets you create mobile apps that include SAS® Visual Analytics content. The SAS SDK gives you the ability to personalize, preconfigure, customize, and manage the user experience in these apps.
    • Personalize your apps by substituting your organization's name and icon into the SAS® Visual Analytics App.
    • Preconfigure your apps to include the server connections and report subscriptions so that your users do not have to perform these tasks.
    • Create completely customized mobile apps that combine the interactivity of SAS Visual Analytics reports with any other external content and capabilities that you choose.
    • Manage and secure your mobile deployments by integrating your mobile apps with your mobile device management (MDM) service.
  • Your mobile apps can connect to your SAS servers and can be managed by your organization's SAS administrators. The SAS SDK is free and is available for iOS and Android devices from
  • Visit for more information.