DataFlux Data Management Studio 2.7: User Guide

Identification Analysis Definitions

An identification analysis definition identifies the input string as referring to a particular predefined class of entity; for example, an individual versus an organization, or type of vehicle (car vs. truck vs. motorcycle).

Input: a string


"John James McDonald"

Output: a class




Hierarchy Node/Group Container Group Count
1 Identification Analysis Definition Head Node   1
2 Table-Based Identification Group   1
2.1 Familiar Phrase Scheme Node Table-Based Identification Group 0 or more
3 Preprocessing Regex Library Group   1
3.1 Preprocessing Regex Library Node Preprocessing Regex Library Group 0 or more
4 Chopping Group   1
4.1 Chop Table Node Chopping Group 1
5 Morph Analysis Group   1
5.1 Lookup Normalization Group Morph Analysis Group 1
5.1.1 Uppercasing Node Lookup Normalization Group 1
5.1.2 Normalization Regex Libraries Group Lookup Normalization Group 1 Normalization Regex Library Node Normalization Regex Libraries Group 0 or more
5.2 Vocabularies Group Morph Analysis Group 1
5.2.1 Vocabulary Node Vocabularies Group 1 or more
5.3 Categorization Regex Libraries Group Morph Analysis Group 1
5.3.1 Categorization Regex Library Node Categorization Regex Libraries Group 0 or more
5.4 Number Check Node Morph Analysis Group 1
5.5 Default Categories Node Morph Analysis Group 1
6 Pattern Recognition Group   1
6.1 Pattern Logic Node Pattern Recognition Group 1
7 Scoring Node   1

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