LOGISTIC Procedure

PROC LOGISTIC provides partial proportional odds logistic regression with the UNEQUALSLOPES option in the MODEL statement. The ESTIMATE, LSMEANS, LSMESTIMATE, SLICE, and STORE statements can now be used for a stratified analysis. The PCORR option in the MODEL statement computes the partial correlation statistic for each model parameter (excluding the intercept).

The ID statement specifies variables in the DATA= data set that are used for labeling ROC curves and influence diagnostic plots.

The NLOPTIONS statement controls the optimization process for conditional analyses (specified with a STRATA statement) and for constrained optimization (specified with the UNEQUALSLOPES option in the MODEL statement).

The EFFECTPLOT statement and the PLOTS=EFFECT option have two new options for displaying plots with a CLASS effect on the X axis. The CLUSTER option displays the levels of the SLICEBY= effect in a side-by-side fashion. The CONNECT option connects the predicted values with a line.