Highlights of Enhancements in SAS/STAT 9.3

Some users might be unfamiliar with updates made in SAS/STAT 9.3. The following are some of the major enhancements that were introduced in SAS/STAT 9.3:

  • The experimental FMM procedure fits statistical models to data where the distribution of the response is a finite mixture of univariate distributions. These models are useful for applications such as estimating multimodal or heavy-tailed densities, fitting zero-inflated or hurdle models to count data with excess zeros, modeling overdispersed data, and fitting regression models with complex error distributions.

  • The EFFECT statement became production. This statement is available in the HPMIXED, GLIMMIX, GLMSELECT, LOGISTIC, ORTHOREG, PHREG, PLS, QUANTREG, ROBUSTREG, SURVEYLOGISTIC, and SURVEYREG procedures.

  • The MCMC procedure added a RANDOM statement, which simplifies the specification of hierarchical random-effects models and significantly reduces simulation time while improving convergence.

  • The METHOD=FIML option in the CALIS procedure became production. This option specifies the full information maximum likelihood method.

  • The SURVEYPHREG procedure became production and handles time-dependent covariates.

  • The HPMIXED procedure added a REPEATED statement and additional covariance structures.

  • The MI procedure added fully conditional specification methods for multiple imputation.

  • The NLIN procedure was updated with features for diagnosing the nonlinear model fit.