Variance Estimation

By default, PROC SURVEYLOGISTIC displays the following variance estimation information in the Variance Estimation table:

  • Method, which is the variance estimation method

  • Variance Adjustment method

  • Upper Bound ADJBOUND parameter specified in the VADJUST=MOREL(ADJBOUND= ) option

  • Lower Bound DEFFBOUND parameter specified in the VADJUST=MOREL(DEFFBOUND= ) option

  • whether FPC (finite population correction) is used

  • Number of Replicates, if you specify the VARMETHOD=BRR or VARMETHOD=JACKKNIFE option

  • Number of Replicates Used, if you specify the VARMETHOD=BRR or VARMETHOD=JACKKNIFE option and some of the replicates are excluded due to unattained convergence

  • Hadamard Data Set name, if you specify the VARMETHOD=BRR(HADAMARD=) method-option

  • Fay Coefficient, if you specify the VARMETHOD=BRR(FAY) method-option

  • Replicate Weights input data set name, if you use a REPWEIGHTS statement

  • whether Missing Levels are created for categorical variables by the MISSING option

  • whether observations with Missing Values are included in the analysis by the NOMCAR option