SAS/IML Studio

Many users of SAS/STAT software will be interested in SAS/IML Studio, which is new in SAS 9.2 software. Formerly known as SAS Stat Studio, SAS/IML Studio is a tool for data exploration and analysis; it provides a highly flexible programming environment in which you can run SAS/STAT or SAS/IML analyses and display the results with dynamically linked graphics and data tables. You can also move seamlessly between interactive analysis and programatically driven analysis. SAS/IML Studio is intended for data analysts who write SAS programs to solve statistical problems but need more versatility for data exploration and model building.

The programming language in SAS/IML Studio, which is called IMLPlus, is an enhanced version of the SAS/IML programming language. IMLPlus extends SAS/IML by providing features such as the ability to create and manipulate dynamically linked graphs and the ability to call SAS procedures.

SAS/IML Studio also includes an interface to the R language. The IMLPlus language provides functions that transfer data between SAS data sets and R data frames, and between SAS/IML matrices and R matrices.

SAS/IML Studio runs on a PC in the Microsoft Windows operating environment. For more information about SAS/IML Studio, see the SAS/IML Studio User's Guide and SAS/IML Studio for SAS/STAT Users.