The GLIMMIX Procedure

Odds or Odds Ratio

The odds ratio is the exponentiation of a difference on the logit scale,

\[  \psi (\eta _1,\eta _0) = \exp \left\{ (\mb {l}_1 - \mb {l}_0)\bbeta \right\}   \]

and $\exp \{ \mb {l}_1\bbeta \} $ and $\exp \{ \mb {l}_0\bbeta \} $ are the corresponding odds. If the ODDSRATIO option is specified in a suitable model in the PROC GLIMMIX statement or the individual statements that support the option, odds ratios are computed in the Odds Ratio Estimates table (MODEL statement), the Differences of Least Squares Means table (LSMEANS / DIFF), and the Simple Effect Comparisons of Least Squares Means table (LSMEANS / SLICEDIFF=). Odds are computed in the Least Squares Means table.