The Basic Steps

Here are the basic steps that you follow to use PSS.

  1. Start a new project by selecting FileNew on the menu bar or clicking the New icon on the toolbar.

  2. In the New window, select the desired analysis type and click OK.

    A project window for the analysis type appears with the Edit Properties page displayed. (The tabs on the Edit Properties page and their content vary according to the analysis type.)

  3. Click each tab to enter the relevant data for the analysis. (For more information about the types of data to enter, see the example sections.)

  4. After you have entered all the data, click the Calculate button.

  5. After PSS calculates the results, the project window displays the View Results page with the Summary Table tab displayed by default.

  6. To view other results or to review the SAS code or the SAS log, click any of the tabs on the left side of the View Results page.

  7. To print any results page, select FilePrint on the menu bar.

The remainder of this section takes you through a simple example.