Chapter Reading Guide

This chapter provides a basic introduction to ODS Graphics along with more detailed information. The following list provides a guide to reading this chapter:

  • If you want to see a few of the many graphs that are produced by statistical procedures by using ODS Graphics, see the section Getting Started with ODS Statistical Graphics.

  • If you are using ODS Graphics for the first time, read the section A Primer on ODS Statistical Graphics, which provides the minimum information that you need to get started.

  • If you need to create plots of raw data or your own customized plots of statistical results, see the section Statistical Graphics Procedures, which describes SAS procedures that use ODS Graphics.

  • If you need information about specialized topics such as accessing your graphs, making changes to your graphs, and working with ODS styles, see the detailed discussions starting with the section Syntax and including the section Examples of ODS Statistical Graphics.

If you are unfamiliar with ODS, see Chapter 20: Using the Output Delivery System. For complete documentation about the Output Delivery System, see the SAS Output Delivery System: User's Guide. For an introduction to graph template modification, see Chapter 22: ODS Graphics Template Modification. For an introduction to ODS Graphics, ODS styles, the graph template language, the style template language, the statistical graphics procedures, and graph template modification, see Kuhfeld (2010). For complete documentation about ODS graph templates, see the SAS/GRAPH: Graph Template Language User's Guide and the SAS/GRAPH: Graph Template Language Reference. For complete documentation about the ODS Graphics Editor, see the SAS/GRAPH: ODS Graphics Editor User's Guide. Also see the SAS/GRAPH: Statistical Graphics Procedures Guide for information about the statistical graphics procedures.