Variance Estimation

If the variance method is not Taylor series (see the section Variance Estimation) or if the NOMCAR option is used, by default, PROC SURVEYREG  displays the following variance estimation information in the "Variance Estimation" table:

  • Method, which is the variance estimation method

  • Number of Replicates, if you specify the VARMETHOD=BRR or VARMETHOD=JACKKNIFE option

  • Hadamard Data Set name, if you specify the VARMETHOD=BRR(HADAMARD=) method-option

  • Fay Coefficient, if you specify the VARMETHOD=BRR(FAY) method-option

  • Replicate Weights input data set name, if you provide replicate weights with a REPWEIGHTS statement

  • Missing Levels, which indicates whether missing levels of categorical variables are included by the MISSING option

  • Missing Values, which indicates whether observations with missing values are included in the analysis by the NOMCAR option