Sashelp Data Sets

SAS provides over 200 data sets in the Sashelp library. These data sets are available for you to use for examples and for testing code. For example, the following step uses the Sashelp.Class data set:

proc reg data=sashelp.class;
   model weight = height;
run; quit;

You do not need to provide a DATA step to use Sashelp data sets.

The following steps list all of the data sets that are available in Sashelp:

ods listing close;
proc contents data=sashelp._all_; 
   ods output members=m;
ods listing;

proc print; 
   where memtype = 'DATA'; 

The results of these steps (over 200 data set names) are not displayed.

The following steps provide detailed information about the Sashelp data sets:

proc contents data=sashelp._all_; 

The results of this step (hundreds of pages of PROC CONTENTS information) are not displayed. See Appendix B, Sashelp Data Sets, for more information about Sashelp data sets.