Software Requirements

PSS is available in SAS 9.2 for the following platforms: Microsoft Windows XP and Vista.

Two configurations are available for SAS connections: local and remote. With the local configuration, PSS and SAS 9.2 must reside on the same machine. With the remote configuration, PSS and SAS 9.2 can reside on different machines. SAS connections are defined and selected on the SAS Connection tab on the Preferences window. More information about SAS connections is found in the section SAS Connections.

For both configurations, Base SAS and SAS/STAT software must be installed and SAS/GRAPH software is recommended.

For the remote configuration, SAS/CONNECT and SAS/IntrNet software must also be installed. For more information about configuring the remote SAS server, click HelpContents on the menu bar and then click Configuring a Remote SAS Server under Special Topics in the table of contents.