Many people make significant and continuing contributions to the development of SAS software products. The following are some of the people who have contributed significant amounts of their time to help us make improvements to SAS/STAT software. This includes research and consulting, testing, and reviewing documentation. We are grateful for the involvement of these members of the statistical community and the many others who are not mentioned here for their feedback, suggestions, and consulting.

Alan Agresti, University of Florida; Paul Allison, University of Pennsylvania; Douglas Bates, University of Wisconsin; John Barnard Jr., Cleveland Clinic Foundation; David Binder, David Binder Research; Suzette Blanchard, Frontier Science Technology Research Foundation; Mary Butler Moore, formerly of University of Florida at Gainesville; Wilbert P. Byrd, Clemson University; Vincent Carey, Harvard University; Sally Carson, RAND; Love Casanova, CSC-FSG; Helene Cavior, Abacus Concepts; Rao Chaganty, Old Dominion University; George Chao, DuPont Merek Pharmaceutical Company; Colin Chen, Fannie Mae; Daniel M. Chilko, West Virginia University; Marc Cohen, Fair Isaac Corporation; Jan de Leeuw, University of California, Los Angeles; Dave DeLong, Duke University; Alex Dmitrienko, Eli Lilly; Sandra Donaghy, North Carolina State University; David B. Duncan, Johns Hopkins University; Paul Eilers, Leiden University; Scott Emerson, University of Washington; Michael Farrell, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Stewart Fossceco, SLF Consulting; Michael Friendly, York University; Rudolf J. Freund, Texas A&M University; Wayne Fuller, Iowa State University; Andrzej Galecki, University of Michigan; A. Ronald Gallant, Duke University; Joseph Gardiner, Michigan State University; Charles Gates, Texas A&M University; Thomas M. Gerig, North Carolina State University; Francis Giesbrecht, North Carolina State University; Harvey J. Gold, North Carolina State University; Kenneth Goldberg, Centocor Inc; Donald Guthrie, University of California, Los Angeles; Gerald Hajian, Schering Plough Research Institute; Bob Hamer, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Frank E. Harrell Jr., Vanderbilt University; Wolfgang M. Hartmann; Walter Harvey, Ohio State University; Douglas Hawkins, University of Minnesota; Xuming He, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Ronald W. Helms, Rho, Inc.; Joseph Hilbe, Arizona State University; Gerry Hobbs, West Virginia University; Ronald R. Hocking, Texas A & M University; Nick Horton, Smith College; Julian Horwich, Camp Conference Company; Jason C. Hsu, Ohio State University; David Hurst, University of Alabama at Birmingham; Joseph G. Ibrahim, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Emilio A. Icaza, Louisiana State University; Joerg Kaufman, Bayer Schering Pharma AG; William Kennedy, Iowa State University; Gary Koch, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Roger Koenker, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Kenneth L. Koonce, Louisiana State University; Rich La Valley, Strategic Technology Solutions; Russell V. Lenth, University of Iowa; Charles Lin, U.S. Census Bureau; Danyu Lin, University of North Carolina; Ardell C. Linnerud, North Carolina State University; Ramon C. Littel, University of Florida; George MacKenzie, University of Oregon; Brian Marx, Louisiana State University; J. Jack McArdle, University of Southern California; Roderick P. McDonald, Macquarie University; Alfio Marazzi, University of Lausanne; J. Philip Miller, Washington University Medical School; George Milliken, Kansas State University; Robert J. Monroe, North Carolina State University; Robert D. Morrison, Oklahoma State University; Keith Muller, University of Florida; Anupama Narayanan, Procter & Gamble Co; Meltem Narter; Ralph G. O’Brien, Cleveland Clinic Foundation; Kenneth Offord, Mayo Clinic; Christopher R. Olinger, d-Wise Technologies; Christopher J. Paciorek, Harvard University; Robert Parks, Washington University; Richard M. Patterson, Auburn University; Virginia Patterson, University of Tennessee; Cliff Pereira, Oregon State University; Hans-Peter Piepho, Universität Hohenheim; Edward Pollak, Iowa State University; John Preisser, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; C. H. Proctor, North Carolina State University; Bahjat Qaqish, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Dana Quade, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Bill Raynor, Kimberly Clark; Georgia Roberts, Statistics Canada; James Roger, GlaxoSmithKline; Peter Rousseeuw, University of Antwerp; Donald Rubin, Harvard University; Joseph L. Schafer, Pennsylvania State University; Robert Schechter, AstraZeneca; Shayle Searle, Cornell University; Pat Hermes Smith, formerly of Ciba-Geigy; Roger Smith, formerly of USDA; Phil Spector, University of California, Berkeley; Michael Speed, Texas A&M University at College Station; William Stanish, Statistical Insight; Rodney Strand, Orion Enterprises, LLC; Walter Stroup, University of Nebraska; Robert Teichman, ICI Americas Inc.; Terry M. Therneau, Mayo Clinic; Edward Vonesh, Northwestern University; Grace Wahba, University of Wisconsin at Madison; Glenn Ware, University of Georgia; Peter H. Westfall, Texas Tech University; Edward W. Whitehorne, CI Partners, LLC; William Wigton, USDA; William Wilson, University of North Florida; Philip Whittall, Unilever (retired); Dong Xiang; Victor Yohai, University of Buenos Aires; Forrest W. Young (deceased), formerly of University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Ruben Zamar, University of British Columbia; Scott Zeger, Johns Hopkins University

The final responsibility for the SAS System lies with SAS alone. We hope that you will always let us know your opinions about the SAS System and its documentation. It is through your participation that SAS software is continuously improved.

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