A TYPE=FACTOR data set is created by PROC FACTOR when the OUTSTAT= option is specified. The CALIS, CANCORR, FACTOR, PRINCOMP, SCORE, and VARCLUS procedures can use TYPE=FACTOR data sets as input. The variables are the same as in a TYPE=CORR data set. The statistics include means, standard deviations, sample size, correlations, eigenvalues, eigenvectors, factor patterns, residual correlations, scoring coefficients, and others depending on the options specified. See Chapter 34, The FACTOR Procedure, for details. When the NOINT option is used with the OUTSTAT= option in PROC FACTOR, the value of the _TYPE_ variable is set to ’USCORE’ instead of ’SCORE’ to indicate that the scoring coefficients have not been corrected for the mean. If this data set is used with PROC SCORE, the value of the _TYPE_ variable tells PROC SCORE whether or not to subtract the mean from the scoring coefficients.