A TYPE=CSSCP data set contains a corrected sum of squares and crossproducts (CSSCP) matrix. TYPE=CSSCP data sets are created by using the CORR procedure with the CSSCP option and specifying the data set option TYPE=CSSCP in parentheses following the name of the OUTP= or OUT= data set. You can also create TYPE=CSSCP data sets in a DATA step; in this case, TYPE=CSSCP must be specified as a data set option. The variables in a TYPE=CSSCP data set are the same as those found in a TYPE=SSCP data set, except that there is not a variable called Intercept or a row with _NAME_=’Intercept’. TYPE=CSSCP data sets are read by only the CANDISC, DISCRIM, and STEPDISC procedures. Formulas useful for illustrating differences between corrected and uncorrected matrices in some special SAS data sets are shown in the section Definitional Formulas.