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The GLIMMIX Procedure

Syntax: GLIMMIX Procedure

You can specify the following statements in the GLIMMIX procedure:

PROC GLIMMIX <options> ;
BY variables ;
CLASS variables ;
CONTRAST ’label’ contrast-specification <, contrast-specification> <, ...> </ options> ;
COVTEST <’label’> <test-specification> </ options> ;
EFFECT effect-specification ;
ESTIMATE ’label’ contrast-specification <(divisor=n)>
<, ’label’ contrast-specification <(divisor=n)>> <, ...> </ options> ;
FREQ variable ;
ID variables ;
LSMEANS fixed-effects </ options> ;
LSMESTIMATE fixed-effect <’label’> values <divisor=>
<, <’label’> values <divisor=n>> <, ...> </ options> ;
MODEL response<(response-options)> = <fixed-effects> </ model-options> ;
MODEL events/trials = <fixed-effects> </ model-options> ;
NLOPTIONS <options> ;
OUTPUT <OUT=SAS-data-set>
<keyword<(keyword-options)> <=name>>...
<keyword<(keyword-options)> <=name>> </ options> ;
PARMS (value-list) ...</ options> ;
RANDOM random-effects </ options> ;
SLICE model-effect </ options> ;
STORE <OUT=>item-store-name </ LABEL='label'> ;
WEIGHT variable ;
Programming statements ;

The CLASS, CONTRAST, COVTEST, EFFECT, ESTIMATE, LSMEANS, LSMESTIMATE, RANDOM and SLICE statements and the programming statements can appear multiple times. The PROC GLIMMIX and MODEL statements are required, and the MODEL statement must appear after the CLASS statement if a CLASS statement is included. The EFFECT statements must appear before the MODEL statement.

The SLICE statement is also available in many other procedures. A summary description of functionality and syntax for this statement is given in this chapter. You can find full documentation in the section SLICE Statement of Chapter 19, Shared Concepts and Topics.

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