Overview: Projman Application

The Projman application is a user-friendly graphical user interface for performing project management with the SAS System. Through the use of an interactive Gantt chart window provided by the PM procedure, you can easily create and manage multiple projects. For more information, see Chapter 5: The PM Procedure.

Projman is accessed by invoking the projman command in the SAS windowing environment, or by selecting SolutionsAnalysisProject Management from the primary SAS menu. When you invoke Projman, the Projman Window is displayed. This window is the primary window for accessing the functionality of the application.

Projman enables you to define multiple projects, information about which is stored in a project dictionary data set. To access the data associated with a project, you use the Project Information window. This window provides access to interfaces for defining data corresponding to activities, calendars, holidays, resources, and workshifts.

Projman also provides a variety of project reports. These reports include Gantt charts, network diagrams, calendars, and tabular listings, as well as resource usage and cost reports. You can easily modify any of the standard reports to add your own personalized reports to the application.

For general information about project management, consult Appendix A: Glossary of Project Management Terms.