In SAS/OR 12.1, PROC OPTMODEL adds the ability to execute other SAS code nested inside PROC OPTMODEL syntax. This code is executed immediately after the preceding PROC OPTMODEL syntax and before the syntax that follows. Thus you can use the SUBMIT block to, for example, invoke other SAS procedures to perform analyses, to display results, or for other purposes, as an integral part of the process of creating and solving an optimization model with PROC OPTMODEL. This addition makes it even easier to integrate the operation of PROC OPTMODEL with other SAS capabilities.

To create a SUBMIT block, use a SUBMIT statement (which must appear on a line by itself) followed by the SAS code to be executed, and terminate the SUBMIT block with an ENDSUBMIT statement (which also must appear on a line by itself). The SUBMIT statement enables you to pass PROC OPTMODEL parameters, constants, and evaluated expressions to the SAS code as macro variables.