SAS/OR 12.1 delivers a broad range of new capabilities and enhanced features, encompassing optimization, constraint programming, and discrete-event simulation. SAS/OR 12.1 enhancements significantly improve performance and expand your tool set for building, analyzing, and solving operations research models.

In previous years, SAS/OR software was updated only with new releases of Base SAS software, but this is no longer the case. This means that SAS/OR software can be released to customers when enhancements are ready, and the goal is to update SAS/OR every 12 to 18 months. To mark this newfound independence, the release numbering scheme for SAS/OR changed starting with SAS/OR 12.1. This new numbering scheme will be maintained when new versions of Base SAS and SAS/OR are shipped at the same time.

SAS/OR 12.2 is a maintenance release that does not contain any new features. SAS/OR 12.3 is another maintenance release that includes two new features that are now production, as described in the next section.