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The OLAP Procedure

UNDEFINE Statement

The UNDEFINE statement deletes from a SAS metadata repository one or more global calculated members or named sets.

UNDEFINE MEMBER | SET 'member-or-set-name' ;

To delete multiple calculated members or named sets in a single UNDEFINE statement, use commas to separate instances of MEMBER | SET 'member-or-set-name'.

For additional information on calculated members and named sets, see DEFINE Statement.

The following example shows how a single UNDEFINE statement can be used to delete from a metadata repository two calculated members and one named set.

proc olapl;
metasvr olpa_schema='Services Schema' 
   pw='my password'
undefine member '[carsCube].[Measures].[avg]',
   member '[sales].[Measures].[stat1]',
   set '[campaign].[myset]'

Required Arguments


indicates whether you are deleting a global calculated member or a named set.


specifies the name of the member or set that is to be deleted from the metadata repository. Cube names and dimension names are required for each member-or-set-name. Square brackets ([ ]) are optional inside the quotation marks of member-or-set-name, as shown in the preceding example.

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