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The OLAP Procedure


The DROP_AGGREGATION statement removes an aggregation from the specified cube.

DROP_AGGREGATION level-name1 < level-name2 ...level-nameN> / NAME=aggregation-name;

You can specify the levels that are in the aggregation, or the name of the aggregation, or both the levels and the name. The slash character ( / ) is required to separate level names from option specifications.

Required Arguments

At least one of the following arguments is required for a DROP_AGGREGATION statement:


specifies the names of the level that is in the aggregation that you want to drop. Additional levels can be specified using blank spaces to separate the level names, as shown in the following example.

drop_aggregation Year Month Product /
   name=Sales ;

specifies the name of the aggregation that you want to drop. If the name includes blank spaces or any characters that are not permitted in a valid SAS name, then the name must be enclosed within quotation marks.

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