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Modifying and Maintaining Cubes

Editing a Cube

After a cube is created, it might be necessary to make changes to the cube. Whether you need to change a cube that exists only as metadata or has physical files built, you can modify the cube with the Edit Cube Structure function. This function launches the Cube Designer wizard, where you can make various changes to the cube including the following:

The Cube Designer wizard gives you the opportunity to edit and build the cube based on the existing cube metadata. When you are finished making changes to the cube in the Cube Designer wizard, you can choose to update the metadata or update the metadata and build the cube.

To access the Edit Cube Structure function, select the cube you need to edit in the SAS OLAP Cube Studio tree view. Then select Edit Cube Structure from the Actions menu or from the cube's context menu. This opens the Cube Designer wizard. The selected cube is opened and can now be edited.

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