Managing Model Versions

About Model Versions

The current version of a model is the latest version in which the model properties and file contents are editable. If you add a new model version manually or perform an action that automatically creates a new model version (such as setting it as the champion model or publishing a champion model from the project level), a snapshot of the model’s contents is taken and a version number is assigned. A new version is also created when you update a model that is located within a folder. However, the contents of the new model version that is created can no longer be edited. You can only view the contents of the new model version. Model versions cannot be deleted.

Add a Model Version

  1. Select the Versions page.
  2. Click Add a New Version. The Add a New Version window appears. The next sequential number appears as the new version number.
    Add a New Version
  3. (Optional) Enter a description for the version.
  4. Click OK.

Set the Model Version

  1. Select the Versions page.
  2. Select a version and click Set displayed version. The Displayed version icon indicates the version that is being displayed.
Last updated: February 14, 2017