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About SAS/ACCESS Software

DBLOAD Procedure

The DBLOAD procedure enables you to create and load data into a DBMS table from a SAS data set, data file, SAS view, or another DBMS table, or to append rows to an existing table. It also enables you to submit non-query DBMS-specific SQL statements to the DBMS from your SAS session.

Note:   If a dynamic LIBNAME engine is available for your DBMS, it is recommended that you use the SAS/ACCESS LIBNAME statement to create your DBMS data instead of the DBLOAD procedure; however, DBLOAD continues to work in SAS software if it was available for your DBMS in Version 6. Some new SAS features, such as long variable names, are not supported when you use the DBLOAD procedure.  [cautionend]

The following example appends data from a previously created SAS data set named INVDATA into a table in an ORACLE database named INVOICE:

proc dbload dbms=oracle data=invdata append;

See the SAS/ACCESS documentation for your DBMS for more detailed information about the DBLOAD procedure.

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