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SAS Data Sets

Viewing and Editing SAS Data Sets

The VIEWTABLE window enables you to browse, edit, or create data sets. This window provides two viewing modes:

Table View

uses a tabular format to display multiple observations in the data set.

Form View

displays data one observation at a time in a form layout.

You can customize your view of a data set, for example, by sorting your data, changing the color and fonts of columns, displaying variable labels instead of variable names, or removing or adding variables. You can also load an existing DATAFORM catalog entry in order to apply a previously defined variable, data set, and viewer attributes.

To view a data set, select the following: Tools [arrow] Table Editor. This action brings up VIEWTABLE or FSVIEW (z/OS). You can also double-click on the data set in the Explorer window.

The following SAS files are supported within the VIEWTABLE window:

For more information, see the SAS System Help for VIEWTABLE in Base SAS.

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