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Language Reference

STORE Statement

STORE <MODULE=(module-list)> <matrix-list> ;

The STORE statement stores matrices and modules in a storage library.

The arguments to the STORE statement are as follows.


is a list of module names.


is a list of matrix names.

The following statement stores the modules A, B, and C and the matrix X:

   store module=(A B C) X;

The special operand _ALL_ can be used to store all matrices or all modules. For example, the following statement stores all matrices and modules:

   store _all_ module=_all_;

The storage library can be specified by using the RESET STORAGE statement and defaults to WORK.IMLSTOR. The SHOW STORAGE statement lists the current contents of the storage library. The following statement stores all matrices:


See Chapter 17, Storage Features, and also the descriptions of the LOAD, REMOVE, RESET, and SHOW statements for related information.

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