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Calling SAS Procedures

Substitute Values from SAS/IML Matrices

The SUBMIT statement enables you to substitute the values of a SAS/IML matrix into the statements that are submitted to the SAS System. For example, the following program submits SAS statements that are identical to the preceding example:

   YVar = "wind_kts";
   XVar = "min_pressure";
   submit XVar YVar;
   proc reg data=Hurr CORR;
      model &YVar = &XVar;

You can list the names of SAS/IML matrices on the SUBMIT statement and refer to the contents of those matrices inside the SUBMIT/ENDSUBMIT block. The syntax is reminiscent of the syntax for macros: an ampersand (&) preceding an expression means "substitute the value of the expression." However, the substitution takes place before the SUBMIT/ENDSUBMIT block is sent to the SAS System; no macro variables are actually created. You can substitute character values, as shown in this example, or numeric values. If x is a vector, then &x lists the elements of x separated by spaces.

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