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Using SAS Files

Librefs Assigned by SAS in UNIX Environments

SAS automatically defines three librefs:


contains a group of catalogs that contain information that is used to control various aspects of your SAS session. The Sashelp library is in the !SASROOT directory. See The !SASROOT Directory.


contains SAS catalogs that enable you to tailor features of SAS (such as window size, font settings, and printer entries) for your needs. If the defaults in the Sashelp library are not suitable for your applications, you can modify them and store your personalized defaults in your Sasuser library.


is the temporary, or scratch, library automatically defined by SAS at the beginning of each SAS session or job. The Work library stores two types of temporary files: those files you create, and those files that are created internally by SAS as part of normal processing.

These librefs and the library libref are reserved librefs. If your site also has SAS/GRAPH software, the maps libref might be automatically defined. All of these libraries are described in SAS Language Reference: Dictionary. Sasuser and Work have operating system dependencies.

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