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Working in the SAS Windowing Environment

Getting Help in UNIX Environments

The Help menu is always available within your SAS session. Here are descriptions of the Help topics that are available from the Help menu:

Using This Window

provides help information that is relevant to the active window. You can access the same information by clicking the Help button or pressing the F1 key.

SAS Help and Documentation

provides tutorials and sample programs to help you learn how to use SAS, comprehensive documentation for all products installed at your site, and information about contacting SAS for additional support.

Note:   If you set the block unrequested pop-up windows option in your browser's Preferences dialog box, then the online SAS Help and Documentation might not display.  [cautionend]

Getting Started with SAS Software

opens a tutorial that will help you get started with SAS.

SAS on the Web

provides links to useful areas on the SAS Web site, including the customer support center, frequently asked questions, sending feedback to SAS, and the SAS home page.

About SAS 9

opens the About SAS 9 dialog box, which provides information about SAS software, your operating environment, and Motif.

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