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Data Set Options under UNIX

SAS Data Set Options under UNIX

This section describes SAS data set options that exist only in the UNIX environment, as well as options whose behavior or syntax is specific to UNIX. Each data set option description includes a brief "UNIX specifics" section that explains which aspect of the data set option is specific to UNIX. For data set options that have behavior or syntax specific to UNIX, see SAS Language Reference: Dictionary for a complete description of the option.

Specify data set options following the data set name in SAS statements as follows: option-2=value-2,...)

A few data set options are also SAS system options (for example, BUFSIZE=). If the same option is specified both as a system option and as a data set option, SAS uses the value given with the data set option. See Customizing Your SAS Session by Using System Options and System Options under UNIX for more information about SAS system options.

See Summary of SAS Data Set Options in UNIX Environments for a table of all of the data set options available under UNIX.

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