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Working in the SAS Windowing Environment

Definition of the SAS Windowing Environment

The SAS windowing environment refers to the windows that open when you invoke SAS. These windows include: the Program Editor, Log, Output, Explorer, and Results. These windows appear when you start SAS from your X workstation or through an X emulator. For more information about these windows, see the online SAS Help and Documentation.

The SAS windowing environment supports the use of X-based graphical user interfaces (GUIs). In UNIX environments, SAS provides an X Window System interface that is based on the Motif style.

Many features of the SAS windowing environment are controlled by X resources. For example, colors, window sizes, the appearance of the SAS ToolBox, and key definitions are all controlled through X resources. Customizing the SAS Windowing Environment provides general information about resources, such as how to specify resources, and describes all of the resources that you can use to customize the interface.

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