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System Options under UNIX

Determining How a System Option Was Set

Because of the relationship between some SAS system options, SAS might modify an option's value. This modification might change your results.

To determine how an option was set, enter the following code in the SAS Program Editor:

proc options option=option value; 

After you submit this code, the SAS log will explain how the option was set. For example, the following output is displayed in the SAS log when you enter the MEMSIZE system option:

proc options option=MEMSIZE value; 

Log Output for the MEMSIZE System Option

Option Value Information For SAS Option MEMSIZE
    Option Value: 100663296
    Option Scope: SAS Session
    How option value set:  Config File(s)

Options that are set by SAS will often say Internal in the How option value was set field. Some SAS options are internal only. You cannot specify an internal option as the option= value in the preceding code. If you do, SAS will return an error stating that this value is an unrecognized option value.

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