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Printing and Routing Output

Changing the Default Print Destination in UNIX Environments

When you print a file, SAS looks in the following locations to determine where to send output. The locations are listed in order of precedence:

  1. The destination specified in Universal Printing or the form printer device that you are using. See Universal Printing or forms printing in SAS Language Reference: Dictionary for more information.

  2. The value specified in the SYSPRINT system option. You can use the SYSPRINT option to set your default print destination. Use the SYSPRINT system option to specify the destination option that is used with your print command. For example, if your print command is lp , you can set the default destination to the printer named myljet by entering the following OPTIONS statement:

    options sysprint='-dmyljet';

  3. The value of the $LPDEST environment variable. See Defining Environment Variables in UNIX Environments for more information.

SAS uses the first destination that it finds. If you specify a destination in all three locations, SAS uses the destination specified by Universal Printing.

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