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Tools for the System Administrator

Installing Manual Pages

To be able to read the manual pages in the utilities/man directory, move the files to the man1 subdirectory of the location of the other man files for your system. This location is usually /usr/man or /usr/local/man. Execute the UNIX man man command to determine the appropriate pathname for your system. When you have found the correct pathname, use the following command to move the SAS man files:

cp -r sasroot/utilities/man/* pathname

pathname is the directory location of your system man files.

For example, the following command enables you to access online Help by moving the SAS man files from the !SASROOT directory to the man1 file in your system's man directory:

cp /usr/local/sas91/utilities/man/* /usr/local/man/man1

After you have issued this command, you can access online Help with the man sas command.

You can also add the directory to your system's MANPATH environment variable if it has been previously defined.

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