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Using External Files and Devices

Concatenating Filenames in UNIX Environments

You can concatenate filenames in the FILENAME, %INCLUDE, and INFILE statements. Concatenating filenames enables you to read those files sequentially.

FILENAME fileref ("pathname-1" ... "pathname-n");
%INCLUDE '("filename-1" ... "filename-n")';
%INCLUDE "('filename-1' ... 'filename-n')";
INFILE '("filename-1" ... "filename-n")';
INFILE "('filename-1' ... 'filename-n')";

You can enclose the pathnames in single or double quotation marks and separate them with commas or blank spaces. You can use the characters shown in Character Substitutions in Pathnames and the wildcards described in Using Wildcards in Pathnames (Input Only) to specify the pathnames.

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