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Customizing the SAS Windowing Environment

Summary of X Resources for SAS in UNIX Environments

The following table lists the instance and class names, type, and default values for many of the SAS resources. See the following tables for additional resources of specific types:

SAS Resources
Resource Name Class Name Type Default
SAS.altVisualId AltVisualId Integer NULL
SAS.autoComplete AutoComplete Boolean True
SAS.autoSaveInterval AutoSaveInterval Integer 10
SAS.autoSaveOn AutoSaveOn Boolean True
SAS.awsResizePolicy AWSResizePolicy String grow
UiconCount Integer 0
SAS.colorUiconPath UiconPath String NULL
SAS.commandsSaved CommandsSaved Integer 25
SAS.confirmSASExit ConfirmSASExit Boolean True
DefaultCommandWindow Boolean True
SAS.defaultPasteBuffer DefaultPasteBuffer String XTERM
SAS.defaultToolBox DefaultToolBox Boolean True Directory String NULL
SAS.dmsContrastCheck DmsContrastCheck Boolean False
SAS.DMSDBFont Font String dynamic
SAS.DMSDBboldFont Font String dynamic
SAS.DMSboldFont Font String dynamic
SAS.DMSFont Font String dynamic
SAS.DMSfontPattern DMSFontPattern String -*-*-*-r-*--*-*-*-*-m-*-iso8859-1
SAS.fontPattern FontPattern String *
SAS.helpBrowser HelpBrowser String netscape
SAS.htmlUsePassword HtmlUsePassword Boolean True
SAS.insertModeOn InsertModeOn Boolean False
SAS.isToolBoxPersistent IsToolBoxPersistent Boolean True
SAS.keyboardTranslations KeyboardTranslations Translation dynamic
SAS.keysWindowLabels KeysWindowLabels String dynamic
SAS.markPasteBuffer MarkPasteBuffer String XTERM
SAS.maxWindowHeight WindowHeight Dimension 95
SAS.maxWindowWidth WindowWidth Dimension 95
SAS.noAWS NoAWS Boolean True
SAS.noDoCommandRecall NoDoCommandRecall Boolean True
SAS.pattern Pattern String NULL
SAS.pmenuOn PmenuOn Boolean True
SAS.sasUicon SasUicon String NULL
SAS.scrollBarSize ScrollBarSize Dimension 17
SAS.selectTimeout SelectTimeout Integer 60
SAS.sessionGravity SASGravity String NorthWestGravity
SAS.sessionGravityXOffset SASGravityOffset Integer 0
SAS.sessionGravityYOffset SASGravityOffset Integer 0
SAS.startSessionManager StartSessionManager Boolean True
SAS.startupLogo StartUpLogo String NULL
SAS.suppressMenuIcons SuppressMenuIcons Boolean False
SAS.suppressTutorialDialog SuppressTutorialDialog Boolean False
SAS.systemFont SystemFont String "-adobe-helvetica-medium-r-normal--12-*-*-*-*-*-*-*"
SAS.toolBoxAlwaysOnTop ToolBoxAlwaysOnTop Boolean True
SAS.toolBoxTipDelay ToolBoxTipDelay Integer 750
SAS.uiconCount UiconCount Integer 0
SAS.uiconPath UiconPath String NULL
SAS.useCommandToolBoxCombo UseCommandToolBoxCombo Boolean True
SAS.useLargeToolBox UseLargeToolBox Boolean False
SAS.useNativeXmTextTranslations UseNativeXmTextTranslations Boolean False
SAS.usePmenuMnemonics UsePmenuMnemonics Boolean True
SAS.useShowHideDecorations UseShowHideDecorations Boolean False
SAS.useToolBoxTips UseToolBoxTips Boolean True
SAS.wsaveAllExit WsaveAllExit Boolean False
SAS.windowHeight WindowHeight Dimension 50
SAS.windowWidth WindowWidth Dimension 67
SAS.windowUnitType WindowUnitType String percentage

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