Overview of ODS Graphics Software

SAS ODS Graphics is an extension of the SAS Output Delivery System (ODS). ODS manages all output created by procedures and enables you to display the output in a variety of forms, such as HTML, PDF, and others.
For graphical output, ODS Graphics use the Graph Template Language (GTL) syntax, which provides the power and flexibility to create many complex graphs. The GTL is a comprehensive language for defining statistical graphics.
The ODS Graphics system contains the following software:
SAS ODS Graphics procedures
provide a concise syntax for creating effective statistical graphs. The procedures provide a traditional SAS procedure interface for the most commonly used features of the SAS Graph Template Language.
ODS GRAPHICS statement
adds graphics capabilities to many SAS analytical and Base procedures. The statement enables or disables ODS graphics processing and sets graphics environment options. By default, the ODS GRAPHICS statement is set to ON for SAS procedures that support ODS Graphics when the procedures are executed in the SAS windowing environment on Windows and UNIX operating systems. In batch mode, the ODS GRAPHICS statement is set to OFF by default.
You can use the ODS GRAPHICS statement options to control many aspects of your graphics. For example, you can use options to specify the size and format of your output images. The settings that you specify remain in effect for all graphics until you change or reset these settings with another ODS GRAPHICS statement.
SAS Graph Template Language (GTL)
provides a comprehensive language for creating statistical graphics. You can use the Graph Template Language to create customized layouts and graphs that are beyond the scope of the ODS Graphics procedures.
SAS ODS Graphics Editor
enables you to edit and enhance graphs that are produced by the ODS Graphics procedures or by the Graph Template Language.
The ODS graphics editor is an interactive editor that enables you to modify the elements of a graph or to add new features, such as titles, arrows, and text boxes.
SAS ODS Graphics Designer
enables you to create and design custom graphs. The ODS Graphics Designer provides a graphical user interface for designing graphs easily without having to know the details of the Graph Template Language.