Adding Drill-Down Graphs in Your PDF File

The SAS/GRAPH PDF device enables you to add drill-down graphs to your PDF file when you generate your PDF file using the ODS PDF or ODS PRINTER destination. The drill-down links include links that are created with the URL=, HTML=, and HTML_LEGEND= options for graph statements and annotation data, and the LINK= option for TITLE, FOOTNOTE, and NOTE statements. The links can be to an external file or URL. Creating drill-down graphs for a PDF document is similar to creating drill-down graphs for a Web presentation. See Adding Links and Enhancements with the URL=, HTML=, and HTML_LEGEND= Options.
Note: In the PDF format, when the mouse pointer is positioned on a drill-down link, a data tip displays the destination URL for that link. Custom data tips are not supported in the PDF format.
In order to write a drill-down graph to a PDF file, you must do all of the following:
  • use one of the following ODS statements to open the ODS PDF or ODS PRINTER destination:
    If you use the ODS PRINTER destination, you must specify the PDF printer. For more information about the ODS PDF and ODS PRINTER destinations, see SAS Output Delivery System: User's Guide.
    Note: Because the drill-down graphs are external to the PDF file, do not use the PDFA printer to generate an archivable PDF file. An archivable PDF file must be a totally self-contained file.
  • use one or more of the following options to specify the URL for your drill-down links:
    • the URL= or HTML= option in your drill-down chart statement
    • the HTML_LEGEND= option in your drill-down chart statement
    • the HTML= option in your annotate data
    • the LINK= option on your TITLE, NOTE, or FOOTNOTE statement
If all of these conditions are not met, your graph is written to the PDF file, but the drill-down links do not work as expected.
See the following examples: