Displaying Information with the QDEVICE Procedure

The QDEVICE procedure produces reports about graphics devices and universal printers. You can use the information in these reports to determine the best device or printer to use for a specific application. See QDEVICE Procedure in Base SAS Procedures Guide for more information.
The QDEVICE procedure generates six different reports. These reports summarize information such as color support, default output sizes, margin sizes, resolution, supported fonts, hardware symbols, hardware fill types, hardware line styles, device options, and much more. The default report type is the GENERAL report. You can send the output of this procedure to the SAS log or to an output SAS data set.
For example, the following code produces a GENERAL report for the PNG and GIF devices and the PDF and SVG universal printers. It sends this report to WORK.MYREPORT.
proc qdevice out=myreport;
  device png gif;
  printer svg pdf;
The following image shows a portion of the report as it appears in the Viewtable window.
QDEVICE Procedure Output
qdevice procedure output