Syntax: TCOUNTREG Procedure

The TCOUNTREG procedure is controlled by the following statements:

PROC TCOUNTREG <options> ;
BOUNDS bound1 < , bound2 ...> ;
BY variables ;
CLASS variables ;
FREQ variable ;
ID variable ;
INIT initvalue1 <, initvalue2 ...> ;
MODEL dependent = <regressors></ options> ;
NLOPTIONS <options> ;
OUTPUT <OUT=SAS-data-set><output-options> ;
RESTRICT restriction1 <, restriction2 ...> ;
WEIGHT variable </options> ;
ZEROMODEL dependent variable <zero-inflated regressors> </options> ;

There can only be one MODEL statement. The ZEROMODEL statement, if used, must appear after the MODEL statement, and the CLASS statement must precede the MODEL statement. If a FREQ or WEIGHT statement is specified more than once, the variable specified in the first instance is used.

Note: This procedure is experimental.